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Our Dogs

& why we love them...

SG Sunshadows Qadira Alexia BH CD IPO3

Lex is a strong, dominant female who is eager to please. She is SG2 rated in show in the Working Females Class (3 times, in 2 countries) and has her CD through the CKC as well as her IPO3 with a "pronounced" fight drive. She has a high prey drive that easily switches to defense when needed and a mean bark. This is a dog who will never give up on anyone or anything she sets her mind to. This dog comes from strong working lines and lives to work.  You won't find many females this impressive. Hips: OFA Good. Elbows: OFA Normal.  Photo Credit to Erin at High Four Pet Photography.

V Sunshadows Thunder BH IPO2, IGP3

Thunder is a strong boy who is loyal and affectionate. Thunder is a fabulous IPO dog on the field, with a strong prey drive and some serious speed on the long attack. Though he is sensitive to his handler during obedience, he has great drive in protection work. He is V2 rated in show under in the Working  Class Males and also has his IPO2 & IGP3. When shown at the Prairie Regional Championships in both 2016 & 2017 under SV Judge Harald Hohmann, he was given high praise and said to be "very important for the breed, and should be bred."  Hips: OFA Good. Available for stud to approved KC Registered bitches.  Photo Credit to Erin at High Four Pet Photography.



Arsyn is a crazy, high drive little girl out of our January 2018 litter. She is currently 18 months old and 52lbs. She is playful and eager to work. She has her daddy's looks & her mama's crazy! As she grows, she is showing more promise in tracking, obedience and protection! She is biddable & eager to learn. Barks to alert of strange people & vehicles in the yard. Travels well, both by car & plane. She was shown in the Baby Puppy Class in the 2018 Regional Championship Sieger show under SV Judge Edgar Pertl and was awarded the second place ribbon with a Viel Versprechend or "Very Promising" rating. 


Would do well in an active or sporting home. 



Athena "Rena" of Qadhund is a super sweet, affectionate, medium drive little girl out of our January 2018 litter. She is currently 18 months old and approx 60lbs. She is very gentle & loving to her family and is fearless & willing to protect if needed. "Rena" spent the last 12 months being trained as a medical service alert dog. There was some compatability issues between rena & other animals in her last home. She is a VERY obedient dog with a huge desire to please her humans. Although she is a Working Line German Shepherd Dog & does require regular excersise, Rena is not a dog who will destroy your life (or your couch) if she doesn't get a very long walk every single day. She can actually just be content to hang out with her humans on the couch. She has proven herself numerous times at dog parks and other busy locations, but does require a handler willing to learn how to effectively handle a strong dog. Therefore, anyone wishing to take Rena home will have the opportunity to work with one of our trainers a few times to get her settled into her now home.  She is currently working with one of our trainers in Calgary, AB. Meet & Greets can be arranged in either Saskatoon or Calgary for serious buyers. Please contact us if you would like more information on Rena & her training or more pictures or videos.