Summer 2019 – Qadhund Kennels “B” Litter!

Whelped July 17 2019

SG Sunshadows Qadira Alexia IPO3 x V Elk von Daechsel IPO3 KKL

Dam: SG Sunshadows Qadira Alexia IPO3

Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal. OFA Certified.

“Miss Lexie” is a strong, dominant female who is energetic & loves to work! She has balanced drives and a stable temperament. She is very playful, but serious in her work! This is a dog who will never quit or back down from a challenge.

She has been shown in 2 countries in Sieger Shows under international judges. She also has her IPO3 and has competed at a Regional level in the sport of Schutzhund (IPO).

She is a proven producer and has provided us with outstanding litters in the past. A number of her puppies have gone to working and sport homes and one is on her way to being a registered medical alert service dog.

Lexie is “SG” rated in show and is a large black and tan female with beautiful markings that are consistently passed on to her puppies. Canadian bred.

Sire: V Elk von Daechsel IPO3 KKL

Hips: Excellent, Elbows: Normal. OFA Certified.

“Eik” is one impressive dog! At only 5 years old, Eik is a 2-time world competitor at the WUSV (the World Championships for IPO/Schutzhund) coming out on top with the best Obedience score for 2017 and a 93 in Protection in 2018! Eik & Ralph have also taken the first place spot on the Podium at the 2017 & 2018 GSSCC National GSD Championship.

This is a remarkably strong dog with unmatched drive & stamina. Eik is a true athlete who is clear in his work and has excellent nerve.

Eik is also a proven producer, with many of his offspring showing great promise in sport homes.

He is “V” rated in show and is a beautiful, medium-sized dark sable. Canadian bred.

A few pics from our 2019 “B” litter:

Winter 2018 – Qadhund Kennels “A” Litter!

Whelped January 3 2018

QADHUND KENNELS 2018 “A” Litter:

Sunshadows Qadira Alexia is a strong, dominant  female who is eager to please. She is SG rated in show and has her CD through the CKC as well as her IPO3. She has a high prey drive and a mean bark. This is a dog who will never give up on anyone or anything she sets her mind to.  Perfect for sport, police work, military or search & rescue. 

Flips von Sealand is powerful, alert, and has a great drive to work. Flips is SG rated in show and has his  IPO3. This is a strong, serious dog who will also guarantee puppies that are perfect for sport or work. 
We expect these puppies to be Medium-High drive. They will excel in working and sport homes, though some of the pups may be placed in good pet homes also. 
Both the dam and sire are approx. 90lbs. 


SG Sunshadows Qadira Alexia CD BH IPO2




A few pics of pups from our 2018-A Litter: